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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

As we increase our efforts to provide resources for various topics, substance abuse has become a critical topic. We often discuss the harm that it does to the victim, and rarely discuss the impact that it has on the loved ones. I received a great article submission from the ADDICTION GROUP that I wanted to share.

''Is My Wife an Alcoholic?

Your wife may be an alcoholic if she abuses alcohol, especially if her side of the family has a history of alcoholism or she copes with depression, which puts her at a higher risk of developing alcohol addiction. Your wife may also be a binge drinker but not quite an alcoholic just yet. It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference.

An estimated 15 million people battle alcoholism in the United States. Alcoholics struggle with an impaired ability to stop or control their alcohol intake. But not everyone who drinks aggressively is considered an alcoholic.

While AUD encompasses binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism, and one can lead to the next, they’re not all the same.''


Written By: AnnaMarie Houlis

Published By:


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