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Provide the Best Long-Distance Care for Your Loved Ones

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According to the Health in Aging Foundation, more than 15% of the 34 million people who act as caregivers are doing it long-distance. If you live an hour or more away from your loved one, you have to look for creative ways to monitor your family member’s health and well-being. Here are some tech-friendly ideas.

Install Smarthome Updates

Start by installing smart home tech tools throughout your loved one’s house. Consider your loved one’s struggles and choose tools that will make their routine easier. Senior-friendly tech tools include automatic door locks, voice-controlled systems, digital assistants, doorbell cameras, and motion-controlled indoor lighting.

Hire Local Home Maintenance Service Providers

Home maintenance may also be challenging for seniors. Hire local home maintenance service providers to assist, such as a house cleaner or a handyman. Choose a professional lawn aeration service to help maintain their yard. A lawn service can ensure the soil has enough healthy nutrients with weed control, fertilizing, and dethatching services. Search online for an aeration service near you and hire a provider that has a license, insurance, and referrals.

Buy an Automated Pill Dispenser

Another tech tool to invest in is an automated pill dispenser system. You can help your loved one organize their daily medications and avoid accidentally missing doses. The top automated pill dispensers can be set up to provide smartphone alerts, audio reminders, or flashing light signals. Caregivers can also get status updates when medication is dispensed.

Give Your Loved One a GPS-Equipped Wearable

GPS-equipped wearables are also a good idea to give to your senior loved one if they have trouble with mobility. Some possible tech wearables to have your family member use are fitness-tracking smartwatches, fall alert system pendants, or senior activity trackers equipped with GPS capabilities.

Offer Social Network Opportunities

You can also help your family members feel more connected to others. Assist them with their social self-care to help with loneliness or isolation. Teach them how to use video messaging apps so they can reach out to friends and other family members and show them ways to connect with other seniors in their area.

Participate in Telehealth Medicine

Technology can also be useful for medical appointments with telehealth options. Caregivers can participate in virtual medical appointments. Explain how it works to your family member. With their computer or smartphone, they can access virtual healthcare from anywhere. Online providers offer more treatment, flexibility and convenience for filling prescriptions. Virtual visits may also be more affordable than in-person appointments.

Set Up Surveillance Cameras

Seniors should also have a camera system installed in and around their homes. Security cameras are an inexpensive way to increase safety. Set up cameras outside of each exterior door and inside of high-trafficked areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom door, and bedroom.

Work With a Local Care Provider

Your loved one could also benefit from having a local care provider come over for daily visits and check-ins. There are different ways families can help cover the costs of home-based healthcare, such as government assistance programs, Medicaid, tax deductions, or insurance programs.

Visit Often

Finally, don’t forget the most important way you can ensure your loved one is healthy and happy, seeing them in person. Schedule regular visits to see your family members so you can get quality bonding time and make them feel loved.

Caring for someone important to you when you live far away can be difficult. Luckily, there are high-tech solutions that can assist with long-distance caregiving.

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