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Social Self Care

Self-care is a conscious effort that one takes to enhance and improve one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Self-care is important to build resilience, which then helps us to cope with various stressors in life. There are various types of self-care, out of which one of them is social self-care (Scott, 2021).

When a layman thinks about self-care, usually activities such as meditating, journaling, yoga is imagined. However, one of the important parts of self-care involves maintaining and balancing a social life. Humans are social beings and hence we thrive on regular connections with others. Therefore, prioritizing social self-care, including nurturing relationships with others, is critical.

Social self-care activities that can be practiced (, 2021):

1) Call a close friend

Having a good chat, with or without a video, especially with a close friend can make you feel refreshed, uplifted, and supported.

2) Join an online support group

Connecting with someone who can understand your grief and triumph can be a great support system and can make you feel lighter.

3) Have a game night with your friends

During the pandemic, hosting or participating in a game night virtually can make the mood, light, fun, and positive.

4) Play with your pet

If you have pets, it can be a great source of healing and support when you’re feeling down or just want to have fun.

Currently, it may be more difficult to physically connect with people and maintain a social life due to the pandemic. However, even after prioritizing safety, there are still ways to maintain these relationships without significant risk.


Scott, E. (2021). 5 Self-Care Practices for Every Area of Your Life. Verywell Mind. Retrieved 2 September 2021, from

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