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Meth Sores

What Are Meth Sores?

Meth sores are open wounds along the arms, face, and/or throat. They develop when someone abuses methamphetamine or crystal meth.

It's a common skin condition among meth users caused by their drug's physical and psychological effects.

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What Do Meth Sores Look Like?

Meth sores look different depending on their cause and whether or not they are infected. They are red and look like rashes, cuts, blisters, or chickenpox. Sores on the face or throat might look like acne.

Medical Images of Meth Sores

In many cases, someone using meth will scratch and pick far more compared to when they're sober. This is because the drug increases their pain threshold.

When they realize there's a wound, the sores might develop a black or brown center and grow into a blister filled with pus.

If a person stops using meth and cares for his or her skin, sores will heal, scab over, and eventually fade. They can scar, depending on the severity of the sore.


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