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How Seniors Can Live Healthy

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The key to leading a full, fulfilling life as a senior is staying healthy. Good health gives you the energy you need to have fun, pursue your dreams, and perform your ADLs independently. It also helps you avoid illnesses and, generally, makes you feel good about being alive. Having a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as you might think – you just need the desire and, ideally, a self-care schedule.

Guiding the Wise Inc offers some tips on how seniors can live healthier lives below:

Stay active and exercise

Being as active as possible is good for you on several levels. It puts your body through its necessary paces, it’s an immune-system booster, and it can help you feel younger. You don’t need strenuous activity, necessarily – even low-intensity movement or workouts can be effective. Consider walking, yoga, and lifting weights for a recommended 150 minutes a week (or as much as your health allows).

Don’t skip health screenings

Skipping doctor visits is not an option when you’re a senior. A thorough health check can help you catch chronic diseases before they become a major problem. Also, preventative care can help you save big on medical bills (and sickness time) later. As such, make it a point to visit the doctor regularly. Don’t forget to follow their advice! If you need health advice or help with designing an effective wellness program, you can reach out to Guiding the Wise Inc.

Meet people often

Socializing is an important part of being healthy. Humans need a certain measure of social contact to maintain their mental and emotional well-being. Also, spending time with your loved ones and friends generally makes you happier. If you have limited contact with people, you can join social groups, volunteer, or pursue a group hobby to meet new people.


Meditating has several benefits, according to an Insider report It reduces your stress levels, helps you control pain, allows you to manage anxiety or depression, and improves your self-esteem. You don’t necessarily need to meditate for hours to enjoy these benefits – a few quality minutes a day is enough, especially if you’re just getting started. You can always do more later if you have the will.

Create a safe living space

Your home has a big impact on how you feel and significantly influences your health, says Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. If you have a safe, happy home, it’s easier to be happy. If you have a cluttered, dirty home, on the other hand, it can lead to low energy and negativity. Make sure you clean often. Decorate, de-clutter, let in more natural light, and consider getting a potted plant or two.

Get more rest

As a senior, you need extra rest to recharge and re-energize. Take that afternoon nap if you need to, get more quiet time, and don’t be afraid to disconnect from the world every now and again. Getting a quality night’s sleep is also important. To sleep better, you could create a bedtime ritual – such as having a warm shower, reading a book, avoiding heavy meals, and putting away screens before bedtime.

Consider assisted living

Assisted living can be a wonderful alternative to living by yourself – you have someone on hand to help with difficult chores, and you can also socialize with other residents. Assisted living is also an option if you have medical issues, need 24/7 medical care, and can’t live at home safely. If you’re considering this option, research your options carefully to find something well-suited to you. Look for reliable facility reports online, check pricing info, view payment options, and check reviews from families for nursing homes in your neighborhood.


Make sure you address all your needs with any wellness plan you come up with. Good health is more than physical health – it’s nutrition, fitness, mental well-being, and self-esteem too. If you follow your program diligently, you can expect more energy, fewer illnesses, and a better quality of life in general.

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