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Five Daily Habits to Improve your Life

It is difficult to form habits and it does take time; however, some daily habits are worth putting effort into. Some self-care habits truly have the potential to improve various aspects of your daily life such as your mood, your energy, your stress levels, and your productivity.

Habit #1: Drink a glass of water when you wake up.

After 7-8hours of sleep, our body can be quite dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water makes a big difference in rehydrating the body and subsequently gives you energy throughout the day. Although you should form a habit to drink water in the morning, you should not limit yourself there – make sure to drink plenty of water all day! Research demonstrates that 73% of our brain weight comes from water. Anyone else suffer from frequent headaches? Drink water!

Habit #2: Find opportunities to spend time in greenery.

According to many studies, including one by Barton and Rogerson, significant differences have been found in the health of residents living near green areas and less green areas. Barton and Rogerson state, “Individuals have less mental distress, less anxiety and depression, greater wellbeing and healthier cortisol profiles when living in urban areas with more green space compared with less greenspace.”

Habit #3: Invest more in experiences.

Celebrate birthdays or anniversaries by doing something with your loved ones that you would not have normally done because of its cost. Instead of buying presents, invest in experiences that you will remember. Experiences are far more memorable than gifts and create an opportunity to deepen bonds with your loved ones.

Habit #4: Listen more.

Listen more in a conversation. By doing so, you build a deeper relationship with the other person. People notice when people are genuinely interested in learning about them and listening to them.

Habit #5: Reflect on your day and do not be too hard on yourself.

Reflecting on your days helps you celebrate your successes and learn from your days. Often, we tend to remember the negative aspects of the day and punish ourselves for not meeting our expectations. For instance, if you are on a diet and end up overeating one day, take a moment at night to reflect on what you could have done better. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just make a promise to yourself to do better tomorrow.


Barton J, Rogerson M. The importance of greenspace for mental health. BJPsych Int. 2017;14(4):79-81. Published 2017 Nov 1. doi:10.1192/s2056474000002051


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