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A wonderful 9 page digital wellness journal for daily use, goals, projects and more! Keep track of your life easier with this custom designed easy to use wellness journal to aid you in productivity! This product is designed for short-term goals, which is why it is based on a four-week duration.   

IMPORTANT: This planner requires a separate PDF annotation program, if using a device for your entries. I recommend Goodnotes for the iPad and Apple pencil. This planner is not intended for use on mobile devices.  
▸Our journals are made for people like you who work best when they're well-organized and have good time management skills. If you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do everything, it's time to start planning your time more effectively. 
▸With our daily pages, you can plan your entire day instead of being stressed out by going about your day without a plan or guidance. 
▸You may begin planning your day and looking at it,