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About Me

Danette has been guiding her clients to health and wellness for over 20 years. She approaches each client's training plan with their individual goals and lifestyle in mind. No equipment, no problem. Danette can make use of common household items and turn them into exercise tools. A runner and cyclist herself, Danette believes that the best exercise for you is the one that you will do!



Work Experience


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health Coach
RRCA Certified Running Coach

Danette’s experience in the health and wellness industry is extensive.  She has trained individuals in the areas of strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility for 20 years.  She has practiced wellness coaching for nearly 15 years and is also a certified running coach.  Danette has helped many runners of all distances to achieve their goals and improve their efficiency.  During her many years in the business, Danette has worked at both public and private fitness centers and has also coached her clients virtually. 



"I honestly didn't know what to expect, I've never had a health coaching consultation before. But I felt very comfortable during our consultation. Danette was very easy to talk to. I loved how motivated and understanding she was, Danette didn't make me feel judged about my issues. She helped me organize my goals and to create a few short goals which is less stressful than what I've been doing. I feel confident about the goals we put together, I really enjoyed my talk with her, and I look forward to the next consultation with Danette. "

Jean /Client

​" "Danette started out as my running coach. She was so respectful of my wishes; and with time, she knew me better than I know myself. She is now my running coach, my health and life coach, my fitness trainer, my friend. With her I have attained a level of healthy living I never thought was within my reach. I am 50 pounds lighter, I am a devoted and better runner, and I truly am loving my journey."


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