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How can you help someone who has an eating disorder?

Are you worried that your child or any significant other that is close to you has eating disorders? Here are some tips to help friends and family members who may be struggling with an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can be serious, especially when you are not in the mood to eat. The most common eating disorder is anorexia nervosa. People who struggle with anorexia nervosa have an unhealthy, low body weight. They may frequently engage in compulsive exercise and restrictive dieting ( These behaviors can be detrimental to one's health and can affect the way individuals think about their body image and eating.

What is an eating disorder?

According to “eating disorders are a range of psychological conditions that cause unhealthy eating habits to develop”. This means that individuals associate an unhealthy eating habit when they are in a bad mental state. There may be times that they will feel insecure about how skinny they are but don’t want to be overweight. What can be done to help them manage to be in a healthy eating habit? Here are some tips...

1. Practice self-care. Self-care can improve your eating habits. Try not to preoccupy yourself with people who may neglect eating disorders from personal needs. Make sure you seek support, such as a telling friend that you can trust or seeking to consult with a therapist/doctor.

2. Stay positive. Your mind can be filled with negative, unconscious thoughts. It is easy to think negative thoughts, so try challenging yourself to think positively. Instead of beating yourself down by saying “It’s too hard to eat right” ... “I'll never get to my ideal weight”, all these negative thoughts, try to be nicer to yourself saying things like: “I'm a good person, I will get my eating under control” ... “with a little strive, I will reach a healthy weight”. This can bring out the best version of yourself with a better, manageable, healthy eating habit.


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