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A five-day plan for getting your life together

Raise your hand if you have ever felt like your life is completely out of control while other people look like they have it all together! Relatable, isn’t it?

I have spent the last three years of my life constantly feeling chaotic. I was always on the go until I realized that I hated every aspect of my day. I hated my job and all other commitments. I realized it was because I was never well-rested and always stressed. It took me a while to realize the changes I had to make to feel more in control and to start enjoying my day-to-day life. Here are five simple and practical changes that I want to share that can help you get your life together in just five days:

Day 1: Start making to-do lists

I know, I know. This is nothing revolutionary. But the good-old to-do lists have truly helped me feel less overwhelmed. Therefore, I must mention these.

I have a daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list to organize all of my tasks that I would like to accomplish. A life-changing productivity tip is to write your daily tasks the night before. This allows you to wake up and get right to your tasks, instead of spending time collecting your thoughts in the morning.

I like to use the weekly list to track general themes or aspects of my life that I would like to tackle for that week and the monthly list to track habits that I am trying to incorporate into my life.

Day 2: Wake up earlier.

Yes, I know, another one that you have heard before. Waking up early sets me up for success for the rest of the day. Now, this does not mean that you should wake up at 4 A.M. or 5 A.M., but maybe simply half-hour to one hour earlier than your normal wake-up time.

I like to use this extra time to do some stretching, make a cup of coffee, and spend at least 10 minutes outside in my backyard. I make sure that I am not checking my phone during this time, but rather truly being present in the moment. I find it incredibly refreshing to engage with the sights and sounds of nature. This good start to the day clears my head and improves my productivity.

Day 3: Set a timer for difficult tasks.

When I am dreading a task, I set a timer for 30 minutes on my phone. I tell myself that I only have to work on the task for 30 minutes and no more. However, at the end of the 30 minutes, I find myself in a rhythm and feel focused. I end up working on the task much longer and finishing it.

Day 4: Do the 10-minute tidy.

I am a huge fan of setting timers and getting tasks done. The 10-minute tidy is a challenge in which you clean a section of your home as fast as you can under a 10-minute timer. I struggle with being productive when I am constantly looking at clutter. Doing the 10-minute tidy before starting my tasks is a simple way to boost productivity. You will be surprised at how much cleaning you can accomplish in just 10 minutes!

Day 5: Ask for help.

Sometimes 24-hour days are just not enough! It is important to remember that it is okay to ask for help. It is okay to ask a friend to watch your kids sometimes or walk your dog. We are only human! Be gentle with yourself if you are struggling to keep up.


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